Architecture walking tours Rotterdam

Walk Rotterdam offers guided walking tours around the city of Rotterdam. Our walks are about architecture, art, history and the character of the city. Our talks include open discussions and analyses. Our guides are local architects. The walks are suited for tourists, foreign visitors and guests, residents that want to know Rotterdam better and architecture fanatics.

Rotterdam is the architectural capital of the Netherlands. The city is like an open museum of architectural styles and achievements, an example of postwar reconstruction, urban planning and development. It’s a vibrant, cosmopolitan place of nice people and multiple cultures.

Walk Rotterdam is founded by Silvia and Tania, an architect and an artist / landscape designer, former tourists and newcomers themselves. We are driven by our love for the city, our passion to explore it and to share our knowledge with other enthusiasts. We have chosen Rotterdam to be our home, we feel local and we are proud to present this wonderful city to you!

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