Walk West

West Walk is a highly recommended part of your journey to discover and get to know Rotterdam. The tour is led by local architects.
The West bank of Rotterdam known as the Lloydkwartier is an area of rapid transition and development. Residential and business projects overtake and transform former industrial docks and the Port of Rotterdam takes a step westwards. Modern architecture, renovated hangars, amazing views! The tour starts close to the Euromast, the highest structure in the country, then leads you trough a mix of residential and hip media/IT offices quarter. On the route is the picturesque medieval harbour Delfshaven, and the modern Roof Park, one of the biggest roof parks in Europe. The tour proceeds trough M4Haven – a rough industrial area transformed into the district of makers and doers, a cluster of pioneering and traditional manufacturers, creative business and innovative practices. On our way there is an impressive collection of street art, we stop by the grounds of Atelier Van Lieshout and we end by the first floating farm in the world.
Walk West can be booked as a private or a group tour as well. (see Private Walk and Group Walk).

Official tour language – English.
Dutch, Spanish, French and German – only for group or private tour upon request.